Luther Lowe

by Luther Lowe

Vice President of Public Policy at Yelp

Uber: Take a Ride to City Hall

I love Uber. I rode it to work this morning. I use it at least once per week.

I’m a government affairs guy for a tech company. I think a lot about the interplay between local/state/national and international governmental entities and technology companies.

For these reasons, it breaks my heart to see Uber drop the ball over-and-over again as it expands into new municipalities.

Relatively speaking, running a public affairs playbook at the municipal level shouldn’t be as difficult or expensive as it is at the state or federal levels. So why do they seem to keep screwing it up?

I have no idea. It’s possible they’re greasing the skids in city halls all over the U.S. and we just haven’t heard about it. I doubt it.

It’s also possible that taxi authorities are too powerful. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know a ton about the law or dynamics of taxi regulations, but here are a few

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